Hitomishiri Onna Ch-12

Events at Breakfast.

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Michella’s cruel treatment of Al continues.


It was a rare breakfast with the whole family.I was quite delighted with this unusual event. Eating something other than Pan’yu (TN:I don’t know what it is) was rare, and since I liked Mille’s milk my tension rose as I watched it being poured into my cup.

“Everyone, let’s eat”

With dad’s words everyone digs in. I was sitting between Jorg and Solis with dad in the centre. Mom and Michella were in front of me. To be honest, I didn’t like it but I tried not to mind it. Instead, I was thinking a carefree thought like “It’s fun to eat with everyone”.

The Naan bread was piled up in the center of the table, it was hard to reach with my six year old body. I had to lift my bottom to try reach it. I wanted to eat it and kept on stretching.


The hand I stretched had knocked over my cup of Mille’s milk into Michella’s rice. Blood drained from my face as I thought of what I did. Out of all of them to Michella, what will I do she’s gonna be pissed!!

“I’m ….sor .. ry”

I hastily got off from my seat and ran to get a dishcloth. I felt my brothers calling for me but now’s not the time for that.

The milk had flown down onto the table and got on both Michella’s clothes and her rice. I reached out to Michella’s clothes. Still, it’s okay, if I wipe it somehow…

“Young master”

Hearing Michella’s voice, my body tensed up.   …?Michella’s voice was kind, why is she not angry?

“Young master, I’m alright”

….. Eh?

“Al, Michella said she’s fine, why don’t you calm down?”

I got startled from my Mother’s voice to the side. Oh, I forgot I was in front of my family. I fearfully look up at Michella, I froze. Michella’s never going to forgive me. Her eyes, even more than before was coldly staring at me as if I was a tainted dirty thing. Michella  grasped my frozen hand holding the dishcloth.

“Young master, I am thankful that you got so desperate to clean my clothes”

Michella tightly squeezes my hand.

“Just the thought is enough, I am delighted that you were brought up so magnificently”

“Haha, Michella’s like a second mother”

“I guess so, there is no one other than Michella who thinks so much of our family”

Mother’s and Father’s words pass through my ears. Even though Michella was still tightly holding my hand  no one, no one….

“Ah, Young master, as thanks for trying to clean my clothes, how about we read a book at your room, your favorite book about heroes?”

“Oh, Al liked stories on heroes! Mother didn’t know that, isn’t that great Al?”

At long last my hand is finally released from Michella’s grip and I soon became dizzy at her words.


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